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Spaces instead of Tabs

Using four spaces instead of a tab to indent code allows for code formatting consistency across multiple platforms. Most IDE's and code editors have an option for this. Use the list below to specify this setting in your favorite editor/IDE


Function Formatting

Our C functions should use the following format with only one new line between each functions:

int my_function_name1(void param1) {


int my_function_name2(void param2) {


Our Javascript functions should follow a similar format with only one new line between functions:

this.myAngularServiceMethod = function(param1) {


this.myAngularServiceMethid2 = function(param2) {


C-style Code Commenting

All of our comments should use C-Style ccode commenting with block comments. For example:


 * This is a helper function that does some stuff

 * @param integer param1 - A boolean variable that does this...

 * @param string   param2 - A string for the purpose of ...

 * @return int - (Boolean) 0 on failure, 1 on success


int my_string_function(int param1, char *param2) {

    return 0;



Our javascript code base should use a similar code commenting style, however, single line comments are allowed inside of functions. (i.e: // NOTE: This is my code comment)


See the following link for more reading on code comments:




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