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Important Information

This repository is a mirror of the c-mod/cmod github repository at The intention of this mirror is to reach more developers. If you would like to join the development (or already have), please use github. Also, this mirror is only for the cmod package manager only, not it's dependencies. For a full list of cmod repositories, please go to

Project Description

CMOD is a collection of projects that can be used to replace the standard C library.
As a comparison, think of the Boost C++ Library ( It contains
many valuable libraries used for the rapid development of cross-platform applications.
CMOD and Boost, however, have different goals. Boost targets C++ developers where
as CMOD targets the C community. C++ appears to be more widely used, so there is no
wonder why Boost chose to target this community, but with embedded development on the
rise there is a need for a collection of C Libraries that can be included as needed,
in a wide variety of environments and compiled/used in both C/C++ applications.

About the main CMOD repository

The main CMOD repository ( is a package manager much like
NPM (, Ruby Gems ( or PIP (,
but for the C language. The CMOD package manager will not require a standard C library to compile (it will
be optional), therefore, it's development is on hold until a majority of
it's dependencies ( can be completed.

Read the Documentation

About the Documentation

The documentation is written using the reST (reStructuredText) format and sphinx ( To contribute to the documentation, see

Github is the main project repo:

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